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Matches in Season 2010-2011

Home Lecce 4-0 Pato (2), T.Silva, Inzaghi Ronaldinho, Ambrosini Serie A giornata 1 1st
Away Cesena 0-2 Serie A giornata 2  6th
Home Aj Auxerre 2-0 Ibrahimovic(2) K.P Boateng, Ronaldinho Champions league Matchday 1  Group elimination
Home Catania 1-1 Inzaghi Ronaldinho Serie A giornata 3 10th
Away Lazio 1-1 Ibrahimovic Seedorf Serie A giornata 4  9th
Home Genoa 1-0 Ibrahimovic Pirlo Serie A giornata 5  5th
Away Ajax 1-1 Ibrahimovic Seedorf Champions league matchday 2 Group elimination
Away Parma 1-0 Pirlo Serie A giornata 6 4th
Home Chievo 3-1 Pato(2), Robinho Ibrahimovic(2), Ronaldinho Serie A giornata 7 2nd
Away Real Madrid 0-2 Champions league matchday 3 Group elimination
Away Napoli 2-1 Robinho, Ibrahimovic Oddo(2) Serie A giornata 8 2nd
Home Juventus 1-2 Ibrahimovic Antonini Serie A giornata 9 3rd
Home Real Madrid 2-2 Inzaghi (2) Gattuso Champions league matchday 4 Group elimination
Away Bari 3-2 Ambrosini, Flamini, Pato Seedorf(2), Ibrahimovic Serie A giornata 10 2nd
Home Palermo 3-1 Pato, Ibrahimovic(p), Robinho Seedorf, Ibrahimovic Serie A giornata 11 1st
Away Inter 1-0 Ibrahimovic(p) Serie A giornata 12 1st
Home Fiorentina 1-0 Ibrahimovic Antonini Serie A giornata 13 1st
Away Auxerre 2-0 Ibrahimovic, Ronaldinho Robinho Champions league matchday 5 Group elimination
Away Sampdoria 1-1 Robinho Ibrahimovic Serie A giornata 14 1st
Home Brescia 3-0 K.P Boateng, Ibrahimovic, Robinho Ibrahimovic, Pirlo Serie A giornata 15 1st
Home Ajax 0-2 Champions league matchday 6 Group elimination
Away Bologna 3-0 K.P Boateng, Robinho, Ibrahimovic Pirlo, K.P Boateng, Ibrahimovic Serie A giornata 16 1st
Home AS Roma 0-1 Serie A giornata 17 1st
Away Cagliari 1-0 Strasser Cassano Serie A giornata 18 1st
Home Udinese 4-4 Pato(2), Bennatia(o.g), Ibrahimovic Ibrahimovic, Cassano(2) Serie A giornata 19 1st
Away Lecce 1-1 Ibrahimovic Serie A giornata 20 1st
Home Bari 3-0 Ibrahimovic, Merkel, Robinho Robinho, Merkel Coppa Italy big 16 Lolos ke Quarter final
Home Cesena 2-0 Pallegrino(o.g), Ibrahimovic Robinho Serie A giornata 21 1st
Away Sampdoria 2-1 Pato(2) T.Silva, Emanuelson Coppa Italy Quarter final Lolos ke semi final
Away Catania 2-0 Robinho, Ibrahimovic Robinho Serie A fiornata 22 1st
Home Lazio 0-0 Serie A giornata 23 1st
Away Genoa 1-1 Pato Ibrahimovic Serie A giornata 24 1st
Home Parma 4-0 Seedorf, Cassano, robinho(2) Ibrahimovic, Gattuso, Cassano(2) Serie A giornata 25 1st
Home Tottenham 0-1 Champions league big 16 1st leg Big 16
Away Chievo 2-1 Robinho, Pato Ibrahimovic, Gattuso Serie A giornata 26 1st
Home Napoli 3-0 Ibrahimovic(p), K.P Boateng, Pato Pato Serie A giornata 27 1st
Away Juventus 1-0 Gattuso Ibrahimovic Serie A giornata 28 1st
Away Tottenham 0-0 Champions league big 16 2nd leg Big 16
Home Bari 1-1 Cassano Serie A giornata 29 1st
Away Palermo 0-1 Serie A giornata 30 1st
Home Inter 3-0 Pato(2), Cassano(p) Abate Serie A giornata 31 1st
Away Fiorentina 2-1 Seedorf, Pato Pato, K.P Boateng Serie A giornata 32 1st
Home Sampdoria 3-0 Seedorf, Cassano(p), Robinho Serie A giornata 33 1st
Home Palermo 2-2 Ibrahimovic, Emmanuelson Oddo Coppa Italy Semi Final1st leg
Away Brescia 1-0 Robinho Cassano Serie A giornata 34 1st
Home Bologna 1-0 Flamini Robinho Serie A giornata 35 1st
Away AS Roma 0-0 Serie A giornata 36 SCUDETTO
Away Palermo 1-2 Ibrahimovic Cassano Coppa Italy Semi final 2nd leg
Home Cagliari 4-1 Robinho(2), Gattuso, Seedorf Pato(2) Serie A giornata 37 1st
Away Udinese 0-0 Serie A giornata 38 1st
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